Direct Part Marking

Direct Part Marking (DPM) Technology has gathered wide edge over all other traceability solutions so far demonstrated and exercised. The technology under discussion uses laser marking material specially engineered to create high quality marking on wide variety of surfaces like metal, metal alloys, plastics, stones and some challenging surfaces like glass and ceramics.

The product is ideal for creating 1D and 2D barcodes, product serialization, text labeling, part traceability, logo and other decorating marking and above all brand building. The output quality and speed is dependent on the composition of base material, surface thickness, and application method and laser power, used. The most characteristic feature of this product is that the part marking is done without damaging the substrate surface and is resistant to all extreme environmental conditions including chemicals. The output is with high resolution; high contrast and can withstand higher temperature conditions up to 1800degree F. The 2 – code can be well scanned using our DPM Scanner.

In demonstrating the application, it is the requirement of today for traceability of product, enhances brand building and provides a aesthetic look.