Document and Authentication

Secure your Documents (Document Authentication and Protection)

Paper documents support business transaction; they support the confidentiality to your credentials and record. They help to function Government and corporate machineries.Fraud and forgery of paper document is a global concern for all Government and Enterprises. The impact is shocking; it plagues the paper documents, cripples the Govt. machineries, Jeopardize civil society disrupts the Business transaction and declines the ethical growth.
But the Big Question is…..
How to Authenticate a Paper document                    
Do we provide Security?
What degree of security can be possible?

Is it operable?
How about legal Support?

§   Support System?

§    Where do we Stand?

§    How to implement?

§    How about human intervention?

M&M Marketing Team and The Technology Wing have done extensive research and prepare the business solution module to curb this social ailment which can assure the victims a solution to be relay upon.Our business modules primarily focus on…

ü Offer leak proof System to  protect the Document

ü  Provide additional features of security

ü  Offer Lock and key System  to the document without the concept of any Master Key

ü  In case of legal support, offers full proof in terms of  record keeping

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