Micro QR Code

The demand for larger data storage with efficient readability and lower space occupation has directed the way of innovation through 1D barcode to 2D barcode. Micro QR code is a very small QR (Quick Response) code innovated by DENSO WAVE Japan, and fits in to application where space is a constraint, specifically in the identification of electronic components and printed circuit boards, round and irregular surface. However, the efficiency of data encoding has been increased with the use of only one position detection pattern unlike regular QR code.

Although micro QR code has limited data storage capacity, since it stores data more efficiently than QR code, incase of increase in amount of data, the size of micro QR code does not significantly increase unlike normal QR code. The code can be read with normal 2 D scanner and its application is widely concentrated in electronic manufacturing units, where the manufacturing date, production line, serial number can be accommodated in 3 mm (0.1”) square. Hence the tracking process is made is made easy and it helps in setting up a system of automation in process control with history enabled.