Online Digital Printing

The non contact online digital printing technology attributes to the printers with high resolution Piezo Ink-Jet technology thereby offering the packaging industry the most efficient and state of art  technology  in terms of hardware, software, accessories, consumables .In terms of application, it is the most cost effective modern technology, used for  marking, printing and  helps in traceability. This is very user friendly, robust, compact and not only reduce the man power and cost, but also rewrites the efficient supply chain management.

The simplified operation at each level of production process, versatility in application software to design, the logos, text, barcodes(1 – D and 2 – D barcodes, QR codes), variable and fixed data field, option for multi color printing, stand alone or network printing, windows compatible, at each and every stage it is a class product of its kind.  Low maintenance and easy operability makes the system more users friendly. This system can be associated with online weighment as an added package and the system provides ONE STEP solution to the packaging industries, where the printing and Traceability plays an important role. The printing can be made on coated or uncoated corrugated boxes, aluminum foil, glass, metal for address printing, pharmaceutical primary, secondary package printing, and even on pallets. This system can also be linked into multi plant and multi location with wi - fi and internet connection.