PCB Traceability

An introduction to Traceability of PCB in the manufacturing line for Electronic Industries

Introduction –

Tracking is becoming ever more crucial in the industrial world as well as in the electronic industry. With the constant research and development in the component industry and minimizing space constraint with maximizing component level efficiency, the quality and functionality of each component has raised a serious concern in the user environment discovered even at a later stage of application. Hence it is the challenge to the electronic manufacturing service providers to address this issue with justification to the hand on process record, which is too tedious and time consuming affair in the legacy method. This is the need of the time. The on demand and Live traceability record prepared and produced at the demand of discerning customers not only an effective mechanism to retain and gain the trust and confidence of the customer but also an measure to acquire and establish new customer base.

The R&D team of M&M Technologies Private Limited has toiled over the years to design and conceive an user friendly and cost effective solution as an answer to this need.

Why the need of Traceability –

Sensitive customers are more and more prone to the quality upgradation in the competitive era and wants to be the leader in the market by retaining the quality and service of their products. Hence down the line the query is raised on the product procured from the sources, with numerous concerns like -

·                 The overall production history of the circuit board
·                 The in line component assembly details
·                 The quality check (QC) point record
·                 The batch production history
·                 The defective component identification and replacement record
·                 The entire manufacture process data
·                 Date and Time logger

It is too tedious and almost impossible to address these genuine queries in the shop floor stand alone process where the traditional means and methods can not keep the record of the entire process without defectiveness into it. Hence it is incomplete and incompetent solution.


M&M Designed Traceability solution -

The technology of traceability has continually evolved from the manual input to the use of linear barcode and then 2 D codes. The next development process is to use the micro QR and iQR code (the trademark lies with our business partner DENSOWAVE corporation Japan) to handle the challenges of space and quality in the circuit boards with more populated density of components.

Our system consists of an integrated solution of both hardware and customized software designed and prepared to suit the need and demand of the customer and in fact exceeds the expectations of the customers.

The hardware is extremely capable of reading the data of the barcode pasted on the smallest available free space in the circuit board which travels the entire path starting from beginning of production process till the final assembly point and final packing. The travel path of the barcode includes each QC stations where the individual quality check points are recorded automatically as the board is passed through the QC point and the entire data is uploaded to the Server without any human intervention on real time basis..  

The customized software integrated with the hardware takes the real time data to generate the data as per the customer’s requirement and demand. On demand real time customized report generation is an asset to the brand image of any organization striving for the quality and service.

Key features of our Traceability System -

ü      No human intervention hence zero error operation process

ü      Real time data collection during the production process

ü      Powerful report generation facilitating real time process info

ü      Eliminating guesswork and ambiguity

ü      ON demand security level (scalable solution)

ü      Minimizing Recall  exposure and internal rework

ü      Batch tracking, optimum quality control and security

ü      Improve material flow and stock management

ü      Improve production process

ü      Reduce cost of production

ü      Customized Software can generate on demand report with different level of security

ü      Real time visibility of data leads to enhancement in Key performance Merits