Barcode Scanners

Inimitable product that rules AIDC industries!

Automatic Data Capture Unit from DENSO

Our association with Denso wave, Japan, the leading manufacturer of Automatic Data Capture Equipments, 2D Barcode (Quick Response Code), 2D & 1D Barcode readers, has given as an edge over all other similar products available in terms of Quality and Service. 

It is the royal combination of excellent product quality and the application of advanced technology that has contributed significantly to business efficiency in various business application solution offered by M&M. 

Where the 2D Code plays an important M&M role for –

·         Product Authentication

·         End to end Traceability Solution

·         Effective Supply Chain Management (SCM)

·         Efficient Warehousing Management (WHM)

·         Direct Part Marking

·         Product Tracking

·         Recall Management

List of Denso Scanners

Denso-Wave Product Selection Criteria

Easy selection process by answering the below question –

(Please, contact us for the best suitable model selection for your application.)


Q-1 :    Which media type do you want to use?                                         (1D / 2D)

Q-2 :    Do you want to processed the data collected in real time?               (Yes / No)

Q-3 :    Do you want to transfer the data remotely?                                   (Wireless / Not required / Don’t know)

Q-4 :    Do you want to use windows system (Visual Studio) for the Handy Terminal Development?

   (Use Window / Not required / No idea)

Q-5 :    Do you want a touch Panel in operation?                                      (Yes / No / No idea)

Q-6 :    Do you want to take printout using portable print?                         (Yes / No)