Ware house management

Warehousing is just not storing the inventory but managing the Entire Inventory Control with effective technology tool. Automated Warehousing is as much as a part of e –commerce and e- fulfillment as the internet.

At M&M, we evaluate the entire business

process of our customer, examine the potential impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of implementation, visualize the challenges, Calculate the ROI, and the final output is exceeding the expectation of the customers.

Our Warehousing Management Solution module is for specific business need across various industries and utilizes the most effective business tool and proven technology along with our expertise and efficacy. It is entirely custom made solution to suit the requirement of individual business process and offers solution to handles the complexity and operational challenges.

We build the foundation for Unified Information Architecture and support for the Integrated Enterprise.

We enable you to

v  Support lower cost of ownership

v  Increase warehousing Efficiency

v  Integrate the WMS throughout the enterprise.

Our Solution module consists of,

ü  Built in, Nut-bolt functionality

ü  Visibility in the Entire system

ü  High performance with High productivity

We facilitate,


Ø   Yard management

Ø   Physical Inventory

Ø   Stock Replenishment

Ø   Storage Control

Ø   Lot tracking

Ø   Automated Data collection

Ø   Integrate all Inventory Transactions

Ø   Real time access to Complete business Information

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