Products by Capabilities

At M & M, we specialize in providing solutions to the most complex and challenging technological issues imaginable. To address these issues, we have built team of specialist with unparalleled technological depth. We possess the tools and technologies to solve virtually any problem. And to provide the systems and services to our customers need in order to carry out their vital commercial missions. Our team of specialist ensures the lowest cost with the highest level of performance. And our program management skills will get the job done consistently and efficiently to make of esteemed customers to remain as a leader in the market. 

·  AIDC Solution                           ·   Market Specific Solution                                                

·IT Component Manufacturing              ·  Renewable Energy Advisory        

The below is a non exhaustive areas of solutions which M & M provides expertise.                

¨      Efficient Supply Chain management

¨Direct Part Marking and Trace ability  

¨Document Authentication 

¨E-Governance System

¨Electronic Batch Record 

¨Enterprise Labeling and Packing Management 

¨Exceeding Regulatory Compliance Requirement 

¨FSSAI Compliance With Brand Protection

-   GHS Chemical Labeling       *New*

¨High Resolution Digital Printing System on Porous and / or Non Porous Surface 

¨    Material Gate Entry System     *FLAGSHIP Solution*

¨Parking Management

¨    PCB Traceability    *FLAGSHIP Solution*

¨Product & Documents Authentication Solution 

¨RFID solutions

¨Serialization Strategy Technology  

¨Smart Card Insurance System 

¨Tracking Automation In Supply Chain Management 

¨Tracking Automation Of Product /Raw Material In Manufacturing System   

¨Transport Management 

¨Ware House Management    

Here's a snapshot of how we put our capabilities to work for our esteemed customers:

· Our expert understands the critical needs of our customer.

· Our expert analysis the best possible technological mean to achieve Customer Objective.

· All our technological innovative approach keep our customers ahead of competition.

· Our expert technology solution make our customer to comply with regulatory requirement.

· Our innovative model solutions & it's approach make our customer to arrest the revenue

  Leakages, be it commercial organization or Government.  

Customer Support

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