Company questions

  • What are your products for?
  • What does your company do?

  • What are your products for?
    Our constant persuasion and endeavor with R&D pursuit M&M technology has given rise to many products which focuses on Traceability solution, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing Management, System Integration, Contact less online printing, AIDC solution, Smart card Application and many more and the captured market segments being Food and Drug Industries, Logistics and Distribution, Financial Industries, Factory Automation.

    What does your company do?
    M&M Technologies Private Limited, a resident Indian company established in the year 1987, with the agility and vision of M.K. Padhy an Engineering Baccalaureate as its driving force. The core focus of our company is being addressed to Regulatory and statuary Compliances, Security and surveillance for better Living and Wedding between technology and Economy, M&M team has been successful in integrating many technological applications for the safer and better living. Our company is the best company in the world!