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Emerging Technology - Efficient Supply Chain Management
At M&M, our groomed and trained Team take care to design and conceive the business module for each and every solution proposal exclusively Make to Design for the need of the customer.

We evaluate the business process, examine the potential impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of implementation, visualize the challenges, Calculate the ROI, and the final output is .. exceeding the expectation of the customers.
Emerging Technology 7 -Direct Part Marking
Direct Part Marking (DPM) Technology has gathered wide edge over all other traceability solutions so far demonstrated and exercised. The technology under discussion uses laser marking material specially engineered to create high quality marking on wide variety of surfaces like metal, metal alloys, plastics, stones and some challenging surfaces like glass and ceramics.
Emerging Technology 6 - Document Authentication & Protection
Paper documents support business transaction; they support the confidentiality to your credentials and record. They help to function Government and corporate machineries.Fraud and forgery of paper document is a global concern for all Government and Enterprises. The impact is shocking; it plagues the paper documents, cripples the Govt. machineries, Jeopardize civil society disrupts the Business transaction and declines the ethical growth.
Emerging Technology 5 - High Resolution Digital Printing
The persistent encoder of M&M research wing in association with ALE, France emerges out with this most advanced printing solution Catering to most of the Industries like : Food & Breverage India Pharmaceutical Industry Packaging Industries Building Material

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