Emerging Technology 5 - High Resolution Digital Printing

The key features of this printer includes

       High Resolution

       Full colour Printing

       Multilanguage Printing

       Data base connectivity

       User friendly software package

       Effective and innovative printing system.

       Printing of the Logos, Text, codes, variable information, Barcodes

       Print on Pores and non-pores surface

Printing Surfaces

ALE Printer is available in different band width ranging from 18 mm up to 144 mm covering all requirements of coding and marking application. Can print on both Pores and non-pores surfaces, an corrugated boxes all grade of packing material, making on surface, coding on poly styrene, boxes, metals etc.

Area of applicant

Emerges out as the most efficient tool for Traceability Solution and Product Authentication, it exceeds the expectation of the supply chain management of every organization for the print on Demand (POD) for Primary , Secondary and Tertiary packages.

Whether it is just a coding, or marking or else traceability component, it is more than a printer that every packaging Industry desire.

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